Available instrumentation

As national infrastructure, the OBLO instrumentation is in general available for the whole relevant research community in Norway. After the extended environmental tests of the measurement equipment, already finished for some of the new equipment, still ongoing for a few instruments (e.g. sodar/RASS and passive microwave radiometer), the infrastructure will be available for measurement campaigns of various length and complexity. Applications for the use of the instrumentation should be sent to the OBLO board and will then be prioritized after the following criteria:

  1. NORCOWE/NOWITECH partners (fully open projects)
  2. NORCOWE/NOWITECH partners (closed/partly closed projects)
  3. Others with data sharing agreements
  4. Others without data sharing agreements

It is expected that the pricing for the various user groups also will be reflected by this prioritization.


The following instrumentation is available in the OBLO portfolio:


Meteorological instrumentation:

Instrument Amount Availabilty for loan Comments
 CSAT3  sonic anemometer (Campbell)  3  Yes  This is a complete systems (array of 3 sonics) which is deliverd with an 230 V AC power supply.
 Scintillometer (Scintec BLS-900)  1  Yes  In storage.
 Sodar wind profiler (Scintec MFAS/WindRASS )  1  Yes  In storage.
 Lidar wind profiler (Natural Power ZephIR 300)  1  Yes  In storage.
 Lidar wind profiler (Leosphere WindCube V1)  2  No  1 deployed (COTUR); 1 out for maintenance
 Scanning wind Lidar system (Leosphere WindCube 100S)  3  No  3 deployed (COTUR; until end of April 2020)
 Motion compensated Lidar wind profiler (Leosphere V2 866)  1  Yes  In storage.
 Passive mircowave temperature and humidity profilers  (Radiometer Physics HATPRO-RG4)  2  Yes  1 unit in storage.

1 unit deployed (COTUR).



Oceanographic instrumentation:

Instrument Amount Availabilty for loan Comments
 Met-Ocean buoy (Fugro Oceanor Wavescan)  1  No  Damaged;
waiting for repair
 Bottom frame as sensor platform for long-term monitoring systems of the upper ocean, capable to be equipped with different oceanographic instruments.  2  Yes  In storage.
 Advanced 5-beam Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) (Nortek Signature 1000 kHz with AD2CP technology)  2  Yes In storage.
 Acoustic Doppler velocitymeter (ADV) (Nortek vector), including IMU unit  2  Yes  In storage.
 Sea-Bird thermistor (SBE56)  10  Yes  In storage.
 Sea-Bird MicroCAT (SBE27)  3  Yes  In storage.
 GoPro 3 action video camera  2  Yes  In storage.