About OBLO

In collaboration with the Christian Michelsen Research AS, the University of Bergen provides and operates state-of-the-art instrumentation and measurement capabilities for a wide range of atmospheric and oceanographic parameters relevant for offshore wind energy application.

The Offshore Boundary-Layer Observatory is part of the Research Council of Norway founded NOWERI (Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Research Infrastructure) project and aims to increase the understanding of the physical processes within the Marine Atmospheric Boundary-Layer and their interactions with offshore wind turbines.

The OBLO instrumentation is available for public and private research institutions dealing with wind energy. The project also offers services for planning and execution of field deployments and post-analysis of the gathered data.


One of the OBLO scanning lidar systems deployed on the German research platform FINO1 during the OBLEX-F1 offshore measurement campaign. Photo: Benny Svardal (CMR)